We are a family operated business that started with a broken paddle. Being curious, inquisitive and frustrated we tore this particular paddle apart. In the process we knew we could make a better paddle. That was 3 years ago. With blood. sweat and tears we now bring to you BATTLE PADDLES USA.

Lane & Doby

Paddles can be expensive, we know. We’re players too! We started as 2.0 players and are now 3.5 to 4.00+ players respectfully. We’ve won tournaments, we play with friends at the Y, we have played at facilities and courts around the country, we play both indoors and outdoors pickleball.

We know the struggles of injuries, setbacks and age. It’s sometimes a battle within ourselves, as well as external factors. So, this is why we’re Battle Paddles!

We have created what we feel are some of the best paddles on the market today at reasonable price points.

We are you! We are extending to you 25% off on all our Battle Paddles retail prices, plus we are giving you a complimentary Battle Paddle T-shirt just to say thank you and welcome you to the BATTLE PADDLE NATION  (While supplies last).